Let’s Evolve Together!

Two upcoming events:

The Girlfriend Cleanse: A Community Cleanse for All

Sattvic Living eCourse

Debra, Demi and Sarah

Debra, Demi and Sarah

Did you know this website is headed for the archives? We so excited to be putting the finishing touches on our new website, with our new name: Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness.  We aren’t changing, we are evolving, and those are two different things.  I took out the hard copy dictionary for this one: evolve v. : to develop something gradually, often something more complex or advanced.  That’s a perfect description of what we are doing, because we want to bring you more ways to develop your Yoga Lifestyle.  If you love how yoga makes you feel, you will want to be part of our Yoga Lifestyle movement.  We promise to keep it practical and accessible in today’s busy world, the world that needs us yogis in it!  New website coming soon: www.yogawisdomandwellness.com.  No worries, if you come to this one, you will automatically land in the evolutionary place.  Easy!